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The Best Ballpark Foods You Won’t Find in a Ballpark

cheese steak

Nearly a month into baseball season, and people everywhere are upping their intake of hot dogs, nachos and ice cream served in little helmets. Now, we’d never disparage such a grand pastime as eating ice cream in little helmets. But in the event that you’d like to enjoy some better-than-your-average ballpark foods in a different setting—say, in a bar or restaurant, with the game on TV—then you’re in luck.

No tickets required.

The standard: A cheesesteak.
The upgrade: This cheesesteak. It’s shaved ribeye, jalapeño jack whiz, provolone, peppers and onions on a sesame baguette. And all that’s topped with crispy onions for some extra panache. Halves & Wholes, Miami

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My Kind Of Garage


For many car enthusiasts, the garage is just as important as the house. 1257 Silverado in La Jolla, Calif. features a unique garage that collectors are sure to fancy. A custom elevator leads to the 3,000-square-foot garage, which can accommodate up to five cars. A driveway declined at 21 degrees ensures low-profile vehicles will be able to enter, and an automobile turntable will maneuver the cars for convenient parking. The bespoke garage is further outfitted with storage closets, a laundry room, and a work station. A private office with a separate entrance, saltwater aquarium, and bathroom is the ideal place for car enthusiasts who want to take a break from restoring a vintage car.

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Date Night


If a sense of humor is on your dating checklist, Ricky’s is the place to keep both of you entertained with a carnival-inspired menu, arcade games, and live music. If your date isn’t smiling after eating bacon and blueberry funnel cake, deep fried Snickers with a KitKat crunch, or rum-infused dulche de leche drunken donut holes, then they just might not be the one. If nerves are at play, get into a drinking game to break the ice. Ricky’s offers table-tap beer bongs, more than 150 whiskey varieties, and a craft cocktail menu. See 6 other date worthy spots according to Ocean Drive Magazine, Here.

The 17 Year Old You


The bar 17-year-old you would’ve killed to get into: At first glance, combining a selection of 150 whiskeys with a ride-on motorcycle arcade game might not seem like the BEST idea for a bar. But you’re in Miami, the rules are different. For big-kid fun, no bar in Miami comes close to Ricky’s, where a full-on video arcade with motorcycles, a Terminator shooting game, Pop-A-Shot, and other arcade classics give way to a big, spacious bar with its own music stage and beer pong table. Bartenders will also custom-mix a barrel of punch for you with a full bottle of booze, fresh fruit, and mixers to enjoy at your table while you play mini-beer pong. And on some nights a live band accompanies a karaoke contest, where actually good singers (and you, too, if you’re brave enough) compete for real money to see who can sing the best. The devil-may-care menu includes funnel cakes, sweet hot chicken & waffles, and buckets of popcorn.

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The best bar you’ll find in an outhouse: Don’t think for a second the people who run the Bodega taco stop are trying to keep this bar a secret. On weekends the line to get in can stretch all the way down 16th St. It’s best described as secret-themed, where the only entrances are behind an outhouse door near the taco dining area, or another door that looks like the entrance to a walk-in freezer. The fun of discovering a two-level speakeasy behind a taco shop carries into the bar itself, where locals and tourists pack the place almost every night of the week. It’s the kind of bar you hope to find when you say, “I want to go where the locals go,” a spot enough off the beaten path that it weeds out the worst of the tourists, but still sexy enough to warrant a visit. And if you want to get to know people who call South Beach home, and aren’t into dive bars, this is your best bet.

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